RKO History

Rick Olson

RKO Marine Electric owner


Rick Olson officially started his company RKO Marine Electric in the spring of 1996. Before the


Marine industry he worked as a Service Manager in the Electrical Department of a major Motor 


Home manufacturer in Oregon and oversaw a team of 15 electricians. With his team Rick went 


on tours across the country to Motor Home shows and resolved electrical issues on motor homes. 


In 1987 Rick moved to South Florida and transferred his experience as an electrician and 


supervisor to the Marine industry. He worked for Bishop Marine for approximately 10 years and 


once he became acquainted with the industry he took a leap of faith and opened his own 


company. His first projects included working on power cables, AC and DC systems, Power 


Management, and Refits. Rick has established his company as a reliable source that provides 


knowledge and solutions to the Mega Yachting industry.

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