About the Team

The RKO Marine Electric team is comprised of 7 Marine Technicians that specialize in Installations and Repairs for the Yachting Industry.

The team provides excellent service and advice to clients by using over 20 years of combined experience and knowledge.

The team’s goal is to consistently offer reliable and safe results.


Owners, Captains, and Management Representatives can be confident that RKO will assist with the appropriate solutions for any custom project.


Dré is a second generation Marine Technician. He joined RKO in the summer of 1996. He was exposed to the electrical intricacies of boats at a young age when he watched his father work and solve issues on boats of all sizes. When Dré first joined the industry he started on DC batteries but soon after he would be involved in a yacht refit which consisted of a complete rewiring of the boat’s power cables. With over 20 years in the industry Dré is very comfortable running power cables, communication cables, and AV. He also works on main switchboards, lighting, and fire systems amongst other electrical areas. Dré works on systems such as Crestron, Lutron, Shore Power Converters, and Motors. Beyond his electrical expertise Dré is also qualified in the rebuilding, testing, installing and commissioning of yacht stabilizers.

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